Knowing your bike’s weight limit could save your life

Know your motorcycle safety weight. Use our motorcycle safety weight calculator today.Pop quiz.

How many pounds can your motorcycle safely carry? Don’t know? Your life could be in danger, literally. Exceeding motorcycle weight limits is often blamed for deadly tire failures, yet some manufacturers make it hard to determine what these weight limits are. In our experience, most dealers either don’t know or don’t explain this to customers. Weight limit information is buried in your owner’s manual and often hard to find or interpret. We’ve made it easy. Simply insert passenger weights below to calculate the safe weight range for your motorcycle by make and model year. It could save your life!

Safe Weight Calculator

Note: Don’t see your bike listed? Drop us a line and let us know what make and model you are looking for.

*Our starting point for developing the Safe Weight Calculator was the 2000 model year. For bikes older than this, If you have the GVWR listed in your owner’s manual, you can calculate your own by following our directions.

** Many manufacturers have dropped GVWR from their public specs. We don’t know why. But without that, we cannot provide safe weight information. Check your owner’s manual and if it’s not on our site and you find it – please send it to us! Thanks!

Model Year


Available Weight (lbs)  

*This is the total amount of gear, such as clothing, helmets, water and cargo, you can add and stay within the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for your motorcycle.

If the Safe Weight Calculator shows a yellow or red alert warning, you may be at risk for an accident. Take the following precautions:

You are close to exceeding the weight limit of your bike. Use caution and ensure your tires are properly inflated.

You are exceeding your bike’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Reduce weight to avoid an accident.