Unsafe motorcycles cause
thousands of crashes each year

Our unsafe motorcycle crash attorneys can help those injured due to defective motorcycle parts.When you buy a motorcycle, you expect all of its parts to be in safe, working order. Your life depends on it. But too often, defective motorcycle parts fail and cause the injury or death of the rider, passenger, or both. When this happens, the manufacturer, distributor, supplier, retailer or others can be held legally responsible under what is known as product liability. Product liability falls into several categories:

Recall Notifications

Shouldn’t a manufacturer issue a recall if they know a part is defective? Absolutely! And many do. Others issue recalls out of an abundance of caution if they suspect there might be a problem. It is important to pay careful attention to these recalls and have your bike serviced immediately if an alert is issued. Due to the nature of motorcycles, a small failure can have catastrophic, even deadly effects. VIEW THE LATEST RECALLS>>

Report a Defect

How does a manufacturer know when a recall is necessary? Sometimes, mistakes are discovered during their internal testing processes. More often, motorcycle owners that have experienced part failures report the problems. This is why it is vitally important to report problems to the manufacturer! If a pattern of defects is noticed, responsible manufacturers will issue a recall to prevent further failures and injuries. If you’ve experienced a part failure on your bike, report the issue. Doing so could save lives.

If you’ve been injured due to a defective part and would like to discuss your legal options, contact our attorneys.