Motorcycle tire safety is too important to ignore

Don't ignore motorcycle tire safety or tire defects.Just like car and truck tires, motorcycle tires are susceptible to manufacturing defects and failures. Unlike a passenger vehicle however, a motorcycle is much more likely to suffer loss of control when a tire fails. Severe injuries are almost a certainty in these types of accidents.

The government issues about 36 tire recalls every year, and manufacturers issue even more. However, it is difficult to reach all tire owners, and defective tires may remain in circulation for many years. For this reason, it’s vitally important to pay attention to the quality, performance and maintenance of your tires. For your safety and the safety of the riding public, it’s also important to report suspicious tire failures.
To report a tire failure or to file a safety complaint with the government, complete the tire complaint form on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

Tire performance

Although only an experienced motorcycle crash investigator can pinpoint the cause of an accident, there are some warning signs that could indicate a tire failure. Suspect a tire defect if you notice:

Poor labeling and faulty installation

Motorcycle tire defects usually arise during the manufacturing process, which makes the manufacturer liable for accidents caused by tire failure. Motorcycle design defects can also come into play if the tire design does not correspond to the motorcycle design. Poor labeling and faulty installation can also lead to accidents, which fall under product liability laws. Pay attention to the condition and performance of your tires and check recall lists often. To search for tire recalls visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. This website also reports up-to-date motorcycle and accessory recall information.