Indian Motorcycle Recalls

Year Make Model NHTSA Campaign IDs
2013 Indian Dark Horse 13V391000
2013 Indian Vintage 13V391000
2012 Indian Classic 13V391000
2012 Indian Dark Horse 13V391000
2012 Indian Vintage 13V391000
2011 Indian Blackhawk 13V391000
2011 Indian Blackhawk Dark 13V391000
2011 Indian Classic 13V391000
2011 Indian Dark Horse 13V391000
2011 Indian Roadmaster 13V391000
2011 Indian Vintage 13V391000
2011 Indian Indian 11V344000
2010 Indian Bomber 13V391000
2010 Indian Classic 13V391000
2010 Indian Dark Horse 13V391000
2010 Indian Roadmaster 13V391000
2010 Indian Vintage 13V391000
2010 Indian Indian 11V344000
2009 Indian Deluxe 13V391000
2009 Indian Roadmaster 13V391000
2009 Indian Standard 13V391000
2009 Indian Vintage 13V391000
2009 Indian Indian 11V344000

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Reporting to the Federal Agency

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