Honda Recall 11V526000

NHTSA Campaign ID Component Manufacturer Recall Date Units Potentially Affected
11V526000 Equipment: Other: Labels Honda (American Honda Motor CO.) 10/27/2011 120
Defect Summary
Honda is recalling certain model year 2010 NT700V motorcycles manufactured from November 26, 2009, through November 27, 2009, for failing to comply with the requirements of Part 567, “Certification.” A tire information label applied to the swingarm may display incorrect tire size and air pressure specifications.
Consequence Summary
Improper inflation of tires may affect vehicle handling and lead to premature tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash.
Corrective Summary
Honda will mail the correct tire information label along with installation instruction. At the customer’s option, a dealer can perform the installation for them free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin on or about November 11, 2011. Owners may contact Honda at 1-866-784-1870.

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