Harley-Davidson Recall 06V474000

NHTSA Campaign ID Component Manufacturer Recall Date Units Potentially Affected
06V474000 Steering: Wheel and Handlebar Harley-Davidson Motor Company 12/12/2006 10,397
Defect Summary
On certain motorcycles, the internally wired handlebars have a potential to crack at the hole where the wires exit the handlebars between the handlebar clamps.
Consequence Summary
Should these cracks progress to the point of breaking the handlebar into two pieces, a loss of control could result which could cause a crash which could cause injury or death to the rider.
Corrective Summary
Dealers will replace the handlebar with one with a greater wall thickness and with a wire exit hole that has a shape that reduces stress concentration. Harley-Davidson has not yet provided an owner notification schedule. Owners may contact Harley-Davidson at 1-414-342-4680.

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