Defective Motorcycles cause Thousands of Crashes Each Year

Was your wreck caused by a manufacturing or design defect? Even if your motorcycle or its parts have not been involved in a recall, a defective part may still be to blame for your wreck. Defects may affect your helmet, tires, other parts and equipment, or even your motorcycle’s weight. Suspect a defect if your crash involved:

Did a Defective Part Cause Your Wreck?

Only a qualified attorney and a knowledgeable mechanic can determine if a defective part contributed to your crash. They have the expertise to conduct a thorough investigation and determine if you should take legal action. If you’d like to discuss the specifics of your wreck with a qualified motorcycle crash attorney, please contact us. We’ve spent decades representing the victims of serious motorcycle crashes and have helped hundreds of families cope with the deaths and catastrophic injuries of their loved ones.