Motorcycle accidents and injuries affect thousands of drivers each year

We’ve spent decades representing the victims of serious motorcycle accidents and have helped hundreds of families deal with the deaths and catastrophic injuries of family members. Motorcycle accidents are much more traumatic than many car crashes and often leave drivers and their passengers with:

While the physical injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash are devastating, the emotional and financial tolls can be just as bad. Injured motorcycle riders often face huge medical bills and may struggle to pay them if they are unable to work as a result of their injuries. As experienced motorcycle injury attorneys, we can help accident victims and their families recover compensation to cover these life-altering events.

Case Studies

Defective motorcycle tire leads to personal injury lawsuit
A Brownwood, Texas couple sued Goodyear Dunlop over a defective D250 Radial motorcycle tire they say led them to crash and sustain severe injuries. READ MORE >>

Tire defect ends life of motorcycle enthusiast
Stephen Gageby, 52, president of the local Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club, and his wife, Karla, 47, were on their way to a son’s birthday party May 8, 2007, using their favorite mode of transportation: Stephen’s 2003 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. The weather around Butte, Montana, was sunny and clear and Interstate 90, with its miles of straight-aways and open vistas, beckoned. They climbed on for what would be their last ride together. READ MORE >>

Couple injured when Suburban veers into path of Kawasaki
Brent Doster was driving his 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 cruiser with his wife Aurora when suddenly a Suburban in the right hand lane swerved right in front of them and slammed on its brakes. The motorcycle crashed violently into the back of the Suburban, which had veered to miss a commercial moving van parked illegally alongside the road. READ MORE >>