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Tough Representation and a History of Backing Motorcycle Safety

Let’s be honest. When you’re out on the open road, there’s not much a law firm can do to protect you from a crash. We wish we could drive in front and behind you with a big flashing red light that says, “Look out for motorcyclists.”

We wish we could dry up a slick highway, assure you a convenient overpass in a hard rain, and guard you against catastrophic tire blow outs. But that isn’t going to happen. What we can do is represent you like a pit bull if you get seriously injured in a crash. Edwards Law Firm has been looking after the interests of motorcycle riders for more than 25 years. We’ve honed our expertise going head to head with insurance companies. We’ve got a record of winning in court and at the negotiating table. Outside of court, we push manufacturers to make bikes safer, and we’ve developed a unique Safe Weights Calculator to empower you to take safety into your own hands.

So even though we can’t protect you from every hazard on the road, we’re there for you if you get in an accident.